Chinese Home Cooking by Adele Tyler

Chinese Home Cooking

Chinese Home Cooking: The Easy Cookbook To Prepare Over 100 Tasty, Traditional Wok And Modern Chinese Recipes At Home by Adele Tyler
English | 2020 |Non-Fiction > Food & Drink| ePUB +| 21.4 MB

Are you looking for a Chinese cookbook recipes for your homemade dishes?
In this book you will find over 100 recipes from traditional and modern Chinese dishes for amazing spicy dinners with your friends and family.

Chicken. Beef. Pork. Dumplings. Hot pot. Few words that recall clearly and distinctly the intense amazing flavors from one of the best and most spread way of cooking in the world: the Chinese food.

In this cookbook you will learn how to cook at home the most famous Chinese recipes, easily preparing meals and dinners for your friends, parties and kids using the best ingredients and elevating the flavors with both gentle and strong spices from China.

Despite Chinese food is known mostly for dishes like Baozi, Dumplings and Szechuan Chicken, the variety of this millenarian food tradition goes way beyond the all time classics. In this book you will explore the depth of the Chinese food history, getting to know tasteful mouthwatering recipes to spice up your meals.

If you prefer vegetarian recipes, this book has you covered, with a wide chapter about Chinese vegetarian recipes for the most amazing meals, prepared in a respectful and ethic way.

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