Chosen By a Killer by Laurie Nave

Chosen By a Killer

Chosen By a Killer by Laurie Nave
English | 2021| Mystery & Thriller |ePUB| 7 MB

When you’re the target of a stalker, it pays to have a serial killer for a friend…

Reporter Celia Brockwell is famous for her facts-only stories. She’s becoming a national name, and she’s never shied away from doing whatever it takes to ensure her success. So when Natasha, the infamous actress-turned-serial-killer who hates the press, invites Celia to do a series of interviews prior to her execution, the reporter can’t resist. It’s the kind of story that will make her a household name.

She’s a bit wary of the manipulative killer at first, but Celia can’t deny her fascination. As the interviews continue, Celia can’t help but see a bit of herself in Natasha, and they forge an unusual friendship. Natasha shares the stories of her life and crimes more and more freely, and Celia finds herself opening up to the murderer as well.

Meanwhile, in Celia’s personal life, a casual fling becomes a stalker, and the police can’t seem to deter him as he escalates his threats. Celia turns to her new friend for advice, and Natasha has the perfect solution. There’s only one problem: Celia may be calculating like Natasha, but she isn’t sure she has the stomach for murder.

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