Chronicles of Eden Act VIII by Alexander Gordon

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Chronicles of Eden Act VIII by Alexander Gordon
English | 2019| Sci-Fi | ePUB | 1.4 MB

If you’re a fan of epic adventures, horny monstergirls, or harem anime/manga, this is the series for you. Be warned that this story is for mature readers due to explicit content. I.E. “horny monstergirls”.

Daniel and his harem of lovely monster maidens continue their journey in finding support to bring peace to Eden, however more danger is fast approaching him and those he holds dear. Between a trio of vixen monster hunters and a troublesome catgirl with some wild tricks, Daniel will need to be quick on his feet to keep his growing family, and his pants, in one piece. And should he manage to survive those obstacles there’s a much bigger threat looming ahead of them, one that threatens to completely destroy their dream of a world united.

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