Cipher’s Quest by Tim Kaiver

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Cipher’s Quest by Tim Kaiver (Ciphercraft Book 1)
English | 2020 | Romance| ePUB | 1.3 MB

A real-life game system lost millennia ago could turn the tide of a galactic war.
At first, Cullen thought the strange writing in the air was his imagination, but the power and drive to follow its quests was undeniable. The reward on the other end, too valuable to pass up.
He and his crew pullspace to a prison under siege, where the Cipher has quested him to rescue two telepaths who’ve seen the Cipher’s quests, too. This bounty hunter and mother-son duo of telepaths must utilize level-up bonuses and new class skills to survive in an alien jungle where the EMP throwing tigers aren’t even their greatest threat. Ha!
As Cullen recovers ancient texts which could unlock the power of the Cipher for all, they encounter reject telepaths who hunt their jungle like berserkers looking for revenge and a way home — just like Cullen. Ehli and her son were just happy to escape prison. Now they find their freedom came with a cost, like any true power worth wielding. In their race for survival, they will uncover dark secrets about her husband’s death and the dangerous testing that turned her and her son into telepaths without their consent.
Welcome to Reject Jungle Dungeon. No quest is easy that involves telepaths. Even if it’s your first one.

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