City of Fear by Larry Enmon

City of Fear

City of Fear by Larry Enmon (Rob Soliz and Frank Pierce #2)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.5 Mb

City of Fear : Someone’s taking out drug lords left and right in Dallas. But this can only mean there’s a bigger threat out there.

The unexpected killing of Dallas drug king-pin Ricardo Salazar sets everyone on edge. A New York crime family is up in arms about the loss of a major narcotics supplier. The Dallas Police dread the ensuing gang war but Detectives Rob Soliz and Frank Pierce were on the scene at the time of the shooting. They both saw a mysterious red-haired woman enter Ricardo’s just moment before, but she was never seen leaving. Instead, all they found inside the house was a dead man and a voodoo doll at his feet.Rob and Frank search for the red-head. She is the key to unraveling the crime. But finding her only presents more questions than answers. Frank knows she’s not being honest but can’t prove a direct connection to the murder.

As the gang war heats up, the body count rises, and innocent citizens are caught in the crossfire. Political pressure mounts, and New York sends an enforcer to settle the Ricardo score. Now, Rob and Frank may be Dallas’s only hope, but how do you fight something that only exists in myth?

“Movement in the front yard caught his eye. He zoomed in on a woman walking across the lawn in the shadows, approaching the porch. Tall. Bright red hair. Fair complexion. She moved with cat-like ease across the damp grass. The black, almost formal, flowing gown whipped in the light wind.

What tha …?

She strolled to the door. After gazing down the street in both directions, a trace of a grin swept across the full red lips. A large bush partially blocked Frank’s view, and he couldn’t tell if she opened the door or if someone opened it for her. She disappeared completely behind the bush and the front porch light went out.

Frank snatched up the night vision scope and punched Rob. “Someone’s on the porch.”

Rob sat up. “What?”

Frank trained the night scope on the gang leader’s house a couple of hundred feet away. He scanned the area, but the woman had disappeared.

“She’s not there anymore,” Frank said.

“She?” Rob chuckled and settled back into his sleeping position, crossing his arms again. “Probably some call girl Ricardo ordered. He likes hookers.”

Frank searched the yard and sides of the house with the infrared scope. Working vice, he’d seen enough hookers to know she wasn’t one. Rob might be right, but Frank still had doubts. “I don’t think she turns tricks.”

“Did she go inside?” Rob mumbled, keeping his eyes closed.”

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