City of Freedom by Max Lagno

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City of Freedom

City of Freedom by Max Lagno (Adam Online Book #2) LitRPG Series
English | 2019 |Sci / Fi | ePUB |1.4 Mb

City of Freedom : In order to gain access to Adam Online’s closed locations, Leonarm needs to max out his level pretty quick. Help comes from the most unexpected quarter: a human/NPC hybrid who has access to all of the game’s items and is privy to its deepest secrets.
But Leonard is not alone in this race. The rumors of new locations packed to the brim with epic loot begin to spread among ordinary players. The only known transition point to the new map is being controlled by the Black Wave guild – the very players who killed Leonarm with a mysterious weapon at the very start of the game. The guild now blocks every attempt to get to the new worlds.
This leads to the greatest clan war in the history of Adam Online: a single guild against all the other clans and players. And they won’t hesitate to employ their mysterious weapon, the most destructive force in the entire game world.

“I put a Belorussian-made wardrobe in a corner, a place for me to store my civilian outfits. I was done with the bedroom. I moved to the room that would be the kitchen. I decided not to flaunt my lack of taste here. I put in some light and cheerful Ikea furniture. It all cost around three thousand gold. I moved nine bottles of whiskey into a cupboard and put one on the table, grabbed a glass and drank.

Ice wouldn’t hurt, but for that I’d need a refrigerator. Drinking and eating wasn’t essential in Adam Online, though many enjoyed the pleasure. The food here was far better than what we ate in real life, which was mostly synthetic pasta and meat from soy and unknown animals. Food restored health a little. Some rare foods gave buffs, but you couldn’t rely on food in battle: eating a chocolate bar gave you plus one to health, but it took so much time to eat it that you could die three times over before you finished.

I drank some more whiskey and moved to the third room, which was marked Study on the tablet. I actually intended to turn it into something between an armory and a toolshed.

I approached my choice of a gun safe a little more seriously, studying the offers on the market. But with my funds, my search was over quickly. I was limited to the cheaper options.

I had my eye on the Vault Slim Fit gun safe with a built-in durability regenerator. It restored one durability per hour to weapons inside. Not a lot. There was a safe from Tula manufacturers called the Old Master. It restored ten durability per hour, but cost ten times as much.”


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