Civil Sons by C.M. Cevis

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Civil Sons

Civil Sons by C.M. Cevis (Civil Origin Book 2)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 234 Kb

Civil Sons : The game is in motion now, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.
The city has fallen into a rather quiet chaos. Shifters are threatening vampires over murders that they had nothing to do with. The delicate leadership system that worked so well before is falling apart, and a storm is coming.
Owen is the son of the Suzerain and a rock star. He’s instantly noticeable by the public and no slouch in the power department, so when he goes missing, no one can figure out how it happened or where he is.
Noah is a powerful shifter with a conscience, reluctantly involved in a plot that he knows it wrong. He knows that he needs to do something, but has no idea what. What do you do when you rebellion might cost you everything you’ve ever known?
The world around them is closing in on all sides, and that makes investigating a kidnapping that much harder. But there is no way that Owen can be left to the wolves, so to speak. There is someone or something working against them, and they’d better figure out who or what it is before they can do anymore damage.

“Some state that they’ve been given fliers inviting them to some sort of gathering with others of like mind,” Janice continued.

“I don’t understand where this uprising is coming from all of a sudden,” Max mumbled, clearly more to himself than to his two associates.

“I believe both Janice and I suggested that this issue be taken care of months ago when we first brought it to your attention,” Ernest said. Max glanced up with a look so severe that Owen found himself having to swallow a sudden snicker. If looks could kill.

“I believe Max thought that this wouldn’t be a real issue. To be fair, I didn’t either,” Janice said.

“I wasn’t aware that there were enough unhappy people here for this to actually grow into anything that I needed to care about,” Max said, his frown harsh on his face.

“Clearly, that is not the case.” Ernest almost snapped it, and Owen could almost see his father’s temper flare as a cold wash of power blew through the room.

“Owen. What would you do, were you in my place?” Max said, bringing everyone’s attention around to Owen just as he’d started wondering if he could grab a drink from the decanter a few feet away without causing a disturbance.

“Me?” he asked, taking his mind off the alcohol. “I’d do what you’ve always taught me to do when dealing with conflict, dad. I’d deal with it in the quickest and most efficient way possible.”


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