Cloak and Shield by Mark Ayre

 Cloak and Shield

Cloak and Shield by Mark Ayre (An Adam and Eve Thriller Book 5)
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

An avid writer since crafting a moving story of a penguin trying to find his way home (sadly no longer in print) when he was a mere six years old, Mark has started hundreds of novels and written millions of words.

Adam and Eve are on the loose but far from free…
Having escaped their cells, Adam and Eve plan to find each other and escape the organisation for good. Before they can, Adam strives to save a figure from his past, while Eve must face up to one from hers.
Delayed by personal quests, the twins nevertheless attempt to take out the guards that pursue them one by one. But, no matter how many they kill, the firepower they face seems to increase with each passing minute.
Seeing no alternative, Eve is ready to unleash the full force of her power in aid of the twins’ victory, and it seems no foe can stand in her way. But it soon begins clear that while Eve may be able to destroy the army on their tail, the organisation they have for so long feared is no longer their greatest threat.
An inhuman roar tears through the building. Something new is coming, and even standing shoulder to shoulder at the height of their powers, this is one threat Adam and Eve may be unable to defeat…

A guard brought Sandra two chairs. Alone, this would not have been enough to confirm Eve’s mother was not a prisoner. Far more conclusive was the deferential, fearful look the guard cast Sandra’s way before slinking from the room.

Sandra arranged the chairs, so they faced each other. Taking one, she crossed her legs and folded her hands into her lap.

“I imagine you have questions,” she said. Her voice was calm, measured. She did not smile, but a self-satisfied glimmer in her eye made Eve want to pummel the woman to death. Given Eve had thought her mother dead for over a decade, there would be no need to mourn again. If she had mourned the first time.

Sandra gestured to the free seat. “Please, sit. A padded chair has to be more comfortable than that awful bed.”

Eve looked at the chair as though it were a co-conspirator in the plot that had led to her and her brother’s capture. To punish it for its part, she kicked it aside. It hit the wall with a satisfying crash.

Sandra rolled her eyes. “You’re an adult. Stop acting like a toddler.”

“I’m fine to stand,” said Eve. Her legs were aching. Part of her regretted kicking the padded chair. She might have sat on the bed if that would not have shown weakness. “This shouldn’t take long.”

“Shouldn’t it?” Now Sandra did smile. “What if I told you I could answer all your questions, and that I will?”

“Then I would say,” Eve said without hesitating, “that answers from a liar are as valuable as an umbrella in a hurricane.”

Sandra chuckled. “Very visual. And of course, you have every reason to be sceptical. “You must feel as though you have suffered an awful betrayal.”

“That’s one of the side effects of being betrayed.”

“There you go again, acting like a child. Come now, sweetheart, take a seat, listen up. I’ll be honest. Go on, try me.”

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