Closing on Love by Mina Cole

Closing on Love

Closing on Love by Mina Cole (Oak Springs book 1)
English | 2021| Romance |ePUB| 6.6 MB

He’s the one man she can’t have.
She’s the one woman he can’t stay away from.
Manipulated by her controlling ex into one last family gathering, Kate Miller’s bad luck is just beginning. As if crashing her car and ending up in the arms of her ex’s estranged and extremely sexy, younger brother wasn’t bad enough, her boss has given her an ultimatum—push through a development deal with a stubborn small-town mayor or lose her job.
Searching for a place to call home away from his status-loving family, Mayor Peter Bradbury found it in the small town he’s come to love. A weekend spent with his family only makes him more grateful than ever for the escape he’s found, no matter how distracting his brother’s ex, Kate, might be. When she shows up representing the developer trying to change his beloved town, Peter is prepared to bury his growing feelings for her in order to save his town.
Kate is certain she can convince Peter to see her company’s vision for the town, while Peter is determined to prove to her that Oak Springs is perfect the way it is. But somewhere along the way, the line between business and pleasure blurs.
Will they continue to deny their feelings for one another, or give in and close the deal on love?

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