Coffee Grounds and Ghostly Hounds by Alyn Troy

Coffee Grounds and Ghostly Hounds

Coffee Grounds and Ghostly Hounds by Alyn Troy (Welsh Witch Mysteries Book 4)
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.0 MB

I’m an American from the midwest (Indiana) who writes The Welsh Witch series of Cozy Mysteries set in the magical Welsh village of Cwm Tylwyth (Valley of Fae).

A soldier’s spirit trapped in his decrepit manor house begs for help. A ghostly beast returns from the past to haunt the Dark Mire. Is death stalking Misty Valley?
April and her friends are called to a spooky mansion in the Dark Mire. A centuries-old murder has been simmering, waiting for someone to take the lid off the truth. A fortune is at stake, but forces neither April nor Punkin want to face are haunting the mire, looking for another victim.
In Misty Valley, real estate tycoons descend on the valley, eager to snatch land, and make deals. The upcoming Grand Prix is spurring development in the magical valley. An unexpected visitor from April’s past complicates her Fae heritage and the investigation into the ghostly hound prowling the mire.
Unfortunately, April discovers a twist in her magic training – one that may cause major, unintended destruction.
Can April, Elain, and their friends discover who killed the ghost of the mansion, and stop the murderer before it kills again? All with April’s magic severely limited as she faces another major crisis?

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