Coffins for Two by Vincent Starrett

Coffins for Two

Coffins for Two: Stories of Life, Death, Love, and Other Mysteries by Vincent Starrett
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 5 MB

As he tries to reunite with the woman he loves, an escaped fugitive becomes enveloped in a game of cat and mouse with the policeman who put him away. An undertaker and his assistant discover a potion of almost magical proportions. A young woman hatches an elaborate plot to get her suitors institutionalized. A professional golfer becomes infatuated with another man’s wife. A short story writer finds an unusual way to work out his next idea while riding public transportation.


The Fugitive
The Elixir of Death
Exeunt Omnes
Four Friends of Mavis
The Head of Cromwell
The Widow of Maltrata
The Princess Antimacassar
Decadence and John Fenderson
Coffins for Two
The Truth About Delbridge
The End of the Story
The Pleasant Madness of the Faculty
Thirty Pieces of Silver
The Episode of the Plugged Dime
The Man Who Loved Leopards
Request of the Dying
Eighteen Steps
The Artistic Temperament

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