Cold Snap by Justin Bell, Mike Kraus

Cold Snap

The Starter Wife by Nina Laurin
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 247 Kb

Cold Snap : The Slicks are fully exposed, and death trails in their wake. As Mary Beth fights against the snow and ice, Mike faces the challenge of darkness and the evil that lurks in the shadows.

A new, intensely thrilling and terrifyingly nail-biting series, Last Light is a post-apocalyptic adventure from Justin Bell and Mike Kraus like you’ve never seen before. Taking the tropes of post-apocalyptic and simultaneously turning them on their head and masterfully playing to them, Justin & Mike deliver a heart-pounding series that will both excite and terrify you with every turn of the page. Last Light is planned to be a 6-book series, delivered monthly.

“Oh no,” Drake whispered, his eyes moving from the dead body, then roaming a bit further down the hall and focusing on another corpse halfway down.  There were two more dead bodies in the hallway as well, two of them covered in broken ceiling and wall.  Three of the bodies weren’t disturbing, face down and bloodless, but the fourth body was upturned, vacant eyes glaring emptily at the ceiling, face pale and skin taut, caked blood streaking from nostrils and lips.

One arm was splayed at an odd angle, snapped just above the elbow, while the other vanished underneath a pile of crumbled rock.

“You okay?” Mike asked, progressing down the hall, angling around the lifeless bodies.  Drake nodded and followed along, though he neglected to speak, choosing instead to just walk in the same steps as the other man, making his way through the maze of death.

After passing through this corridor, they made it to another narrow door leading to a stairwell and Mike made his way into it, turning slightly.

“Incident Response is on the third floor?” he asked and Drake nodded.”

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