Cold Star by Dick Woodgate

Cold Star

Cold Star by Dick Woodgate (Agent #1)
English | 2021| Mystery/Thriller |ePUB| 6.6 MB

An audacious plan, a dangerous attraction, a deadly agent …a fatal flaw.
The Agent is an anonymous British intelligence agent working for a department so secret the government won’t admit to its existence. In 1960s Casablanca, a devastating fire at the port leads the Agent to Morocco where he uncovers an audacious plot of epic proportions. The Agent must unravel the conspiracy and put a stop to it. The Russian embassy is implicated – and the Agent’s just fallen for one of its diplomats, a beautiful young woman who may hold the key to unearthing the secret in the Sahara… but only if he can overcome his desire for her. And all the while a fatal flaw in the Agent’s assignment goes unnoticed until ..

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