Cold to the Bon by Emery Hayes

Cold to the Bon

Cold to the Bon (Nicole Cobain Mystery Book 1) by Emery Hayes
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 3.0 MB

The brutal murder of a teenager and a deadly medical drama plunge a small-town sheriff into a vortex of treachery and greed.

First female sheriff of Toole County, Montana Nicole Cobain earned the position through mental and physical grit and when a young girl is found murdered on icy Lake Maria, every bit of it is tested. But what begins as a chase for the killer quickly unravels into a high stakes medial transaction with harrowing consequences.

Eight years ago, Nicole fled her fast-track position as a homicide detective with the Denver Police Department in an act of desperation to save both her son and herself. Answering a recruitment ad, she showed up in the foothills of Glacier National Park and was elected sheriff six years later. She has a measure of peace in her new surroundings, her son is thriving, and she has effectively distanced herself from her past. Until Benjamin Kris shows up again.Benjamin is the father of Nicole’s son and a big-time charmer who has quickly scaled the crime ladder. He has a large clientele and is looking forward to a big pay day that lands him in Toole. But when it becomes clear he could be a suspect among several others in town with opportunity and motive, it’s up to Nicole to sift through the tangled threads to find the killer before they strike again.

The last part was true. Nicole had already made undersheriff when Lars came around in answer to a recruitment ad. He’d had several years in Missoula and wanted a slower pace and to keep his state retirement. The man was good. He had a degree in criminal psychology and made practical use of it. And he was the only city, other than her, in the department.

“You know the why?”

“I have a hunch.”

He held up a clear evidence bag. Inside were two items, individually bagged, tagged, and numbered: one unopened condom packet and a prescription bottle. “This stuff”—he jiggled the bag— “scattered but easily recovered.”

“Too easy?” she asked.

“Maybe not. There are impressions in the snow, like the guy was kneeling. He’s right-handed—he pulled off his left glove first, then the right, and dropped them beside him, left of his position.”

“Kneeling because he dropped the condom and the pills?”

Lars nodded. “Like they fell out of a pocket while he was running.”

“And he took his gloves off to try and pick them up.” She smiled, following his thoughts to what was a clear break in the case. Few people thought forward to cleaning up evidence. “We’ll get prints off them.”

“Exactly.” Lars didn’t pause to enjoy the moment. “There’s a third set of footprints,” he began. “And they put a spin on things.”

“Predator or prey?” Nicole asked.

But as usual, Lars didn’t answer. He set up the scene and ran through the evidence so Nicole could form her own opinion.

“Three sets of footprints that matter to us. The vic’s. This guy”—he raised his arm and waved the evidence bag—the hiking boot. His prints leave a longer trail. “After his scramble in the snow, they pick back up and end here, with our vic’s body.” He’s our killer. He does the deed, then cuts over the slope, across the bike path, and we lose him on the Lake Road.

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