Colonial Defense Attorney by John Bowers , Howard Milligan

Colonial Defense

Colonial Defense Attorney by John Bowers , Howard Milligan (Nick Walker: U.F. Marshal Book 11)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 417 Kb

Colonial Defense : Still tender from his horsewhipping while a prisoner on Sirius, Nick Walker is back on the job. But he’s on light duty, which doesn’t leave him much to do, so he finds himself helping his fiancée, defense attorney Victoria Cross, defend a pair of bank robbers who said they robbed a bank in…self-defense!

Victoria Cross, once a Federation prosecutor and now a Colonial defense attorney, is nothing if not passionate about her work. Although she and Nick work opposite ends of the law (he arrests ‘em and she defends ‘em), this time, they are on the same page. Matthew and Allison Saulsbury robbed the bank because they owed a loan shark who promised to kill them if they didn’t pay.

Problem is, the loan shark, himself a former Star Marine, is determined to keep the defendants from testifying. His own criminal enterprise is at stake and he will stop at nothing, from kidnapping to murder, to prevent the Saulsburys from exposing him.

Bank robbery. Kidnapping. Arson. Witness intimidation. Murder…and lots of gunfire. Don’t miss the explosive action as Nick Walker works both sides of the legal street…and Victoria Cross throws down against one of the most dangerous men she has ever faced.

“Objection! Your Honor, what the hell is Miss Cross trying to pull here?”

Victoria turned and smiled at him.

“What took you so long, counselor? I expected you to object after the first question.”

Crawford ignored her.

“Your Honor…!”

Van Wert’s face was almost as red as the witness’s.

Approach! Both of you!”

Crawford, puffing with anger, stomped toward the bench. Victoria joined him, her hands clasped innocently in front of her. She tried to suppress a smile, but failed.

“What the hell are you doing, Miss Cross?” van Wert demanded. “Are you fishing or do you have something?”

“I have something, your Honor.”

Van Wert’s eyes expanded a fraction in surprise.

“What’ve you got?”

Victoria told her.

“All right, step back. The objection is overruled.”

Still steaming, Crawford returned to the defense table. Victoria returned to the witness. Jay Chambers stared at her as if she were a rattlesnake.

“Mr. Chambers, you said you no longer beat your wife.”

“No! I said I have never beaten my wife! You’re putting words in my mouth!”

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