Come Rain or Shine by Pam Weaver

Come Rain or Shine

Come Rain or Shine by Pam Weaver
English | 2019 | General Fiction/Classics | ePUB | 435 Kb

Come Rain or Shine : Come Rain or Shine is an uplifting story of true friendship in the aftermath of World War Two, by Sunday Times bestseller Pam Weaver.

1946. The war is over, but a bereft Sheila Hodges is left parentless and alone in London. With nowhere else to go, she heads to Worthing to reconnect with her grandmother and cousin Veronica, known as Ronnie. Ronnie and Sheila are given the opportunity to run their grandfather’s business, a local garage. Ronnie’s ne’er-do-well brother Leslie is furious – as the man of the family, he believes the business is rightfully his. But their grandmother is adamant that Leslie is not to be trusted. After serving in the ATS in the war, Sheila is a trained mechanic, while Ronnie discovers she has a talent for numbers and a shrewd business head. Despite the garage’s derelict state, the girls are determined to turn it into a prospering business.

Bright and lively, the girls quickly make themselves at home in the welcoming community, a source of comfort after the horrors of war. But when the girls stumble across a shocking family secret, they will have to depend on each other to uncover the truth . .

“He found her high up on a large patch of scrubland. She had walked across a platform of last year’s brambles, which spanned a small ditch, become stuck and rolled to one side. She remained forlornly waiting to be rescued, two of her legs dangling between the branches, the others in the air. If he hadn’t found her, she would have died. Once she had been ‘cast’ she couldn’t have righted herself and the gases building up in her rumen would have eventually cut off the blood supply, firstly to her legs and then to other parts of her body. For all that, she wasn’t completely stupid. Sybil trusted him absolutely and stayed perfectly still while he leaned over her to release her fleece and lift her out. Once she was freed, Amos stood astride the animal, talking softly to her as he rubbed her limbs to bring the sensation back. When he finally let her go, she walked unsteadily at first, but then broke into a trot which quickly became a run to join the rest of the flock.

Bess had wandered away as Amos set about his rescue. A minute or two later she began to bark. With Slippery Sybil on her way back to the rest of the flock, Amos set off down the hill. Bess was still barking. He shouted a command and although the dog stopped for a second or two, she refused to obey. Instead, she cocked her head on one side and began barking again. It was then that he noticed the magpies. There were several on the ground and a couple in the branches of a tree looking on. What did you call a gathering of magpies? He’d read it somewhere but he couldn’t quite recall . . . a congregation of magpies or was it a murder of magpies? The thought of murder made him feel uneasy. Bess seemed to be keeping them away from something. She was an intelligent animal, and Amos felt obliged to return and see what was troubling her.”


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