Conflict of Loyalties by JL Connor

Conflict of Loyalties

Conflict of Loyalties by JL Connor (The Double Life of Amanda Hern #1)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Amanda Hern Begin her journey through deceit, devotion and sacrifices, where the only thing that can keep her safe is the reason she’s being hunted.

One Woman
To the outside world, Amanda Hern is utterly committed – to her work at a London investment bank, and to Julian, her husband of two years.

Two Lives
But Amanda has a secret. The assignments that take her around the world aren’t for the bank, they’re for a covert anti-terrorist organisation: Omicron. It’s a life she loves – and she’ll do whatever necessary to acquire crucial information from her targets. Even when that risks compromising her marriage…

High Stakes
When a former target tracks her down, Amanda’s worlds are set on a destructive course. With Julian in danger, her separate lives collide, and she must decide where her loyalties truly lie if they are both to survive.

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