Conquering the Dragon by K.L. Rymer

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Conquering the Dragon by K.L. Rymer (Merlin’s Supernatural Academy #4)
English | 2020| Young Adult | Fantasy | Romance| ePUB | 1.3 MB

So I only went and got myself kidnapped. Nice going, Bryn — a way to live up to the helpless damsel in distress stereotype… Now I’m trapped in an endless, black void of the Black Dragon’s creation. A place where time ceases to move. I can’t see sh*t in this never-ending darkness. I can’t even feel my fingers and toes anymore. All I can sense is an overwhelming fear that I’ll be left behind. That I’ll never see my friends, family, or dragon again. Worse of all, I will never look into the gorgeous gray eyes of Matthew Humphrey IV again. But I will escape. Mark my word. I’m no helpless damsel in distress after all. I’m tough as dragonhide… I’m Bryn Williams. Daughter of Merlin; the one who woke the Red Dragon from his thousand-year slumber. And I’ve got this. I will survive this endless oblivion, and reunite with my loved ones and save the world. So you better watch out, Matthew senior. You’re going down.

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