Cooper and McCall Scottish Crime Thrillers by Ramsay Sinclair

Cooper and McCall Scottish Crime Thrillers

The Devil’s Due by Ramsay Sinclair (#1,3)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 7 MB

Ramsey Sinclair is a husband and father to one slightly loud child. Between picking up stray socks and nagging his wife about her car oil, he enjoys writing crime thrillers that reference his personal life. He bases his books on the diverse range of people he has met throughout his early years spent as a police officer. When he’s not yelling at his modern laptop for including too many fancy features, Ramsey Sinclair enjoys bike riding through his scenic hometown.

1. The Devil’s Due
When a dead body washes up on the shore of sleepy Dalgety Bay, DI Cooper and DS McCall are called in. What begins as the unfortunate death of a local turns quickly into a case of foul play, and as Cooper and McCall keep digging, they discover this is only the first of a series of horrible crimes. It seems that a terrifying serial killer has come to Dalgety Bay, and if Cooper and McCall don’t track him down, everyone is in danger.

3. Abduction in Dalgety Bay
After the death of DCI Reid, DI Finlay Cooper tries to get his life and career back on track with the help of DS Kirsty McCall, his faithful partner. And he needs to get it together fast when a daytime kidnapping of a young girl shatters Dalgety Bay’s fragile peace. With the clock ticking, impatient demands for ransom, and a twisted trail of suspects, can Cooper and his team pull together in time to rescue the child and bring the criminals to jusice?

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