Cornish Killing by Chrissie Loveday

 Cornish Killing

Cornish Killing by Chrissie Loveday
English | 2015 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.0 MB

After being badgered by her friend Charlie, Emma Peterson gives in and joins her friend for a week in a Cornwall cottage. However, when Emma arrives, there’s no sign of Charlie. The cottage is desolate and barren. Charlie was supposed to have been here for a week, cleaning and sorting things out. What had happened? After speaking with the police, they regretfully inform Emma that Charlie’s car and body were found flaming on a country road. Emma is devastated, but can’t quite believe what she was hearing. She is convinced it wasn’t Charlie in the car. As Emma investigates, she meets quirky villagers, makes new friends, and finds herself in the middle of a terrifying conspiracy. Will Emma find the truth behind the Cornish Killing?

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