Counterstrike by D. J. Holmes, Ivo Brankovikj


Counterstrike by D. J. Holmes, Ivo Brankovikj
English | 2021| Sci – Fi |ePUB| 7 MB

I am married to Kayla and am currently finishing a degree while writing in my spare time. Growing up I planned out many science fiction and fantasy stories in my head and am now excited to be able to share them with others! Im my spare time I enjoy hiking, playing golf and squash.

The Karacknid invasion of Human space has been temporarily thwarted. A window of opportunity has opened up. Through it Emperor Somerville hopes to strike deep into Karacknid territory to buy Earth and the Varanni Alliance the breathing space they need to replace their losses. On the other side of the Karacknid Empire, Rear Admiral Becket and the Conclave species are planning a pre-emptive strike of their own. With relatively undefended borders, Becket has seen an opportunity to hit the Karacknids where they least expect it.

Yet the Karacknid’s power is far from diminished. After the series of defeats the Karacknids have suffered, their Imperator has now focused his full attention on destroying Humanity and the Varanni Alliance. Nothing short of the total conquest of Humanity’s colonies has been ordered. The full might of the Karacknid Navy has been tasked to bring it about. For James, Christine, Lightfoot, Becket and all the others, their own lives and the future of the Empire is at stake.

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