Covid Crisis by SJ Morris

Covid Crisis

Covid Crisis by SJ Morris (Viral Skies Series Book 1)
English | 2020 | Sci -Fi | ePUB | 2.7 MB

A highly transmissible virus is crippling the planet. Then it happens—the US is attacked. There’s no lights, no phones, no cars. Everything electrical is dead.
When I started my day listening to the news like I always did, I never could have imagined a worldwide pandemic was just around the corner. Then, after terms like social distancing became an acceptable everyday expression and toilet paper turned into an elusive treasure, I could never have anticipated a nuclear attack. But here I am running for my life from Covid-19, crazed lunatics trying to steal my supplies, and nuclear fallout.
My treacherous journey seems like it might get a little easier when I meet my new best friend, a German Shepherd named Rowdy, and join up with three soldiers who save my life from two insane rednecks who were going to do God knows what to me. But little did I know that joining forces with these men would put me directly in the crosshairs of those responsible for this apocalyptic disaster.
Will Rowdy and I have what it takes to survive the Covid Crisis, where every day seems to reveal a new conspiracy just as crazy and life-threatening as the one before? Will any of us?

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