Cowboy’s Curvy Nanny by J.P. Comeau

Cowboy's Curvy Nanny

Cowboy’s Curvy Nanny by J.P. Comeau (Cowboy Billionaires Book 1)
English | 2020| Romance | ePUB | 3.0 MB

The job posting had forgotten to mention that the position was for a live-in nanny.
Please tell me that this is a nightmare.
I need the money, yes.
But am I willing to live under the same roof as my cowboy billionaire boss in exchange for it?
Probably… not.
Okay, maybe I should accept the 24-hour nanny position.
Just hear me out.
The arrangement feels wrong but it’s for a good cause.
It will help him get his daughter’s custody.
Besides, I enjoy drooling over him.
Even though crushing on my billionaire boss could cost me my job.
But how do I keep my distance from him while we live in the same house?
Especially with his piercing eyes undressing me every single day?

I heard something clatter in the background. “Fine. All right. I won’t calm her down because you spoil her. She’s becoming nothing but a brat that demands things when she wants it and then throws herself onto the floor when she doesn’t get it. You think every time you leave, this house is the only time she cries? I had a knock-down, drag-out fight with a two-year-old over chocolate for breakfast that resulted in her being put in her bed until she calmed down. You want to know how long that took?”

I shook my head. “There has to be another way to do this.”

I heard venom rising in her voice. “That’s fine if you want to think I’m a shit mother, but I know damn well and good what I’m doing. While you’re in an office or out rodeoing twenty-four-seven, I’m here at home taking care of our daughter. Doing research. Talking with other moms about what works for their kids. And then you get me on the phone after only seeing your daughter for a few minutes this morning–.”

“I told you to let me take her with me. And why are you cooking dinner anyway? Where the hell is Maria? The entire reason why we hired Maria was because you felt overwhelmed with motherhood and all of its responsibilities. Remember?”

“In this rain, Bryce?! Are you crazy!? She’d get sick! I told you the heavens were gonna open up today and to stay home and just not go, but you refused. You didn’t want to do it. Because after working sixty hours in an office or training, you spend your entire weekends at the damn rodeo instead of here with your family. So, as far as I’m concerned? Until you spend more than ten hours a week with your daughter, you don’t get a say in how she’s raised.”

She took a deep breath before she continued. “And by the way? Cooking soothes me. Can’t have two girls crying and yelling up a storm in the same house.”

I felt my anger boiling over. “You listen here, Patricia. I’m just as much of a parent as–.”

She giggled bitterly. “Save your diatribe for some other father who’s never home. But, right now? I’ve got dinner to prepare and a girl to raise. So, I’ll talk to you whenever it is you get home. If I’m still awake by the time you get home.”

And yet again, she hung up the phone on me. Leaving me sitting there at the stop sign, wondering if her words were true.

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