Crossroads by Daniel Coleman


Crossroads by Daniel Coleman (Hollow Island Book 1)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 251 Kb

Crossroads : Fantasy creatures made real. An island utopia on camera. What happens when one Ranger rejects the brutality the ratings demand?

Nash’s pain-filled past may finally be coming to an end. After all, the Ranger has received the genetic-enhancements necessary to protect the powerless. But once he’s immigrated to an island that’s broadcasted to the masses, he’s shocked by brutality happening both on and off the camera…

Surrounded by modified creatures like Vampires, Wizards, and Pirates, Nash watches in horror as his fellow Rangers choose violence and money over duty. But in this made-for-TV fantasy world, the new resident’s selfless attitude not only doesn’t pay, but it could get him killed.

Can Nash break the island’s cycle of slaughter or will he be dead before the next commercial?

Crossroads is the first book in the captivating, rapid release Hollow Island urban fantasy series. If you like unique worlds, snarky humor, and crazy magical creations, then you’ll love Daniel Coleman’s action-packed novel. Buy Crossroads to tune in to a dangerous future today!

“Resting his gaze on her, Nash waited for her bio to come up. His right eye, the titanium one, operated seamlessly. It not only gave him regular vision, but also supplied information on anyone he scanned. It did all that silently, with the exception of a tiny tink, tink when he blinked. After three seconds, the woman’s bio appeared in the lower right corner of his vision.

Chiel Leatherwood, formerly Felisha Monroe, was born in New York of all places, just like Nash. Twenty-two years old, a few years older than him. Unmodified. Married to Viktor, no surname, who was a sub rosa Viking.

Sub rosa. Nash tried to remember what the term meant. With everything new he’d seen over the last hour, his brain was scrambled. He was pretty sure sub rosa meant someone who was genetically modified, but kept that fact on the down low, almost like a secret identity.

She left his field of view before he could finish reading the rest of her bio.

“Ready to earn your paycheck?” John Wayne asked.”

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