Crown Of Visions by R.A. Rock

Crown Of Visions

Crown Of Visions by R.A. Rock : A Seven Sons Novel (Blade of The Fae Book 2)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 1.7 Mb

Tess is lost as to who she is anymore.
Her name. Her life. Her past. Every single detail is gone.
And now she’s stuck on the Earthly Realm. But why? That’s the question she’s grappling with.
Crazy enough, she finds out she’s there to kill the poor guy she showed up with. Things couldn’t get much worse. Or could they?
Enemies are everything, but it’s impossible to tell friend from foe. And new friends are willing to help, but can Tess trust them? Especially when she doesn’t trust herself.
But she’s there for something important. Something imperative.
But what? Not knowing is driving her mad.
To save the world. But how can she when she can’t even remember her own name?

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