Cruelty Has A Human Heart by J.E. Mayhew

Cruelty Has A Human Heart

Cruelty Has A Human Heart: A DCI Will Blake Novel (DCI Will Blake Crime Mystery Thrillers Book 4) Kindle Editionby J.E. Mayhew
English | 2020 | Mystery /Thriller | ePUB | 3.1 MB

Jon Mayhew is an award-winning author based on the Wirral peninsular in the UK. This stretch of land that separates Liverpool from North Wales was described in Arthurian legend as a haunt of people loved by neither God nor man.

When a three-year-old girl goes missing in the sprawling Birkenhead Park, Blake has a puzzle on his hands. The child seemed to vanish into thin air and nobody saw anything, not even her nanny. A known paedophile is spotted in the area and the clock begins ticking as Blake tries to find the lost girl. The team uncover secret after secret as they investigate but Blake has got problems closer to home as his girlfriend’s past comes back to haunt her in a brutal and devastating way. When a key witness dies, Blake realises that a killer is on the loose. Can he find the child before another innocent life is taken?

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