Cry of War by R. L. Giddings, Chris Giddings

 Cry of War

Cry of War: A Military Space Adventure Series by R. L. Giddings, Chris Giddings
English | 2021| Sci – Fi |ePUB| 7 MB

I have always been an avid reader – I found a love of books from my days lost in the local library and had an adult library card from the age of 9 (which allowed me to get out more books than I could carry!) This took me along the career path of becoming an English teacher and I have had an extremely happy career sharing my love of language , novels and drama with young and old alike.

How will the end game play out? After several bruising attempts, the Da’al have finally managed to breach the Allegra system’s defences. Their goal is simple: the complete and utter destruction of the Henrietta Gate. Cutting off the system from the rest of mankind. And with the Confederation’s battle fleet in disarray, there’s little left to stand in their way. Except they’ve reckoned without Captain Robert Faulkner. Vastly outnumbered and with a largely untested crew, Faulkner will have to come up with a tactical master stroke if he’s to turn this one around. And the devastation he’ll unleash in doing so could well destroy the very people he’s honor bound to protect.

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