Cupid, Carnage, Chamomile

Cupid Carnage Chamomile

Cupid, Carnage, Chamomile by David York (Rex Sacrorum #1)
English | 2021| Fantasy| ePUB |1.5 MB

 Cupid used to be the darling of the gods. But these days he’s just a gun-for-fire, using bullets instead of arrows to force love on his ill-fated targets. Outside of his job, Cupid is nothing more than a fat, disillusioned divorcee, working only to sustain his lifestyle of takeout delivery, old movies, and self-loathing.

Such was life for the once-divine, until one job puts him in the path of Kid, a mysterious mortal teen girl who seems to share his powers. Kid reminds Cupid of all that he’s lost: his wife, his daughter, any semblance of a happy life. To make matters worse, a prophecy foretells her as the one who will kill all the gods…including the balding, tattooed, disillusioned ones.
But Cupid has a death wish. And to save Kid, he’ll have to face the most terrifying foe of all: his abusive father, the invincible, maddened Ares, who has an insatiable thirst for blood. Will Cupid succumb to the destiny of prophecy, or will he change the fate of the gods by protecting the mysterious human girl?

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