Curse of the Pigman by Asher Ellis

Curse of the Pigman by Asher Ellis
English | 2020 | Sci-Fi/Fantasy| ePUB | 1.1 MB

Failed baseball player Jason Dillon has just moved to the quiet, Vermont town of East Valley, but unfortunately, his timing couldn’t have been worse. Though the entire 20th century only brought eight notable storms to the Green Mountain state, Hurricane Ivana has just arrived with a special delivery—a tree through Jason’s roof.

On his desperate trek to find help, Jason comes upon Sophia, a little girl who has been tied up and left in the woods. Despite his best intentions, Jason’s attempt to help the child has interrupted the ritual of a neighborhood cult—a ritual that protects the town from an ancient demonic swine.

With all the roads leading out of town impassable, Jason and his few allies must not only escape the pursuing cultists, but somehow survive a curse that has left the majority of East Valley’s population with an insatiable hunger.

Cultists, cannibals, and the demon itself must all be defeated if Jason and his friends are going to survive… The Curse of the Pigman.

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