Cursed by Jen L. Grey


Cursed by Jen L. Grey (The Half-Breed Prison Book 2)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Hidden and torn
I’d broken out of the half-breed prison but the memories still haunt me. Now I’m living with my biological parents and their pack.
To make matters worse, the guard and sexy inmate escaped with me. Each one tugs at my soul and I’m not even sure why.
As I tried acclimate to my new life and new powers, I find that I’m more confused than ever.
My path was clear before me. I refused to stay hidden and was determined rescue my people no matter what it costs me.

I couldn’t believe how loud he was. I could hear him clear as day on the other side of the house.

‘She’s in here.’ Jess arched an eyebrow my way. ‘If you thought I was over the top, you just wait.’

Great, there was no telling what I’d gotten myself into.

It didn’t take long before all four guys entered the room. Cole was in front and ran right over to me, picking me up and twirling me around. ‘I’ve waited nineteen years to be able to do that.’

‘Dude, I think she’s a little too old for that.’ Damien shook his head and plopped on to the other end of the couch.

‘She is not.’ Cole gave me a big fat kiss on my cheek. ‘She’ll never be too old for her daddy.’

‘I’m not worried about her.’ Rage shook his head as he patted Knox on the shoulder. ‘I’m more worried about his old-as-fuck back.’

‘Hey, now.’ Cole pointed his finger at Rage. ‘I’m not old. I’m forever young.’

‘Those wrinkles around your eyes say differently.’ Rage glanced over at Knox. ‘Am I right?’

‘No.’ Knox shook his head. ‘I’m not getting in the middle …’

‘Shh …’ Cole placed his finger to his lips. ‘He agreed with me. Got it.’

‘As fun as this is,’ Raven said as she and Deissy entered the room, ‘We need to go over what happened today.’

‘Well, get Luna in here.’ Jess headed off toward the living room.

‘We’ll fill her in tomorrow morning.’ Raven smiled. ‘They took Sol back to their house already.’

‘Ah, gotcha.’ Rage came over and sat on the side of the couch that was empty. ‘So now that he’s awake.’ He pointed at Aaron. ‘Let’s get updated on what’s going on.’

Knox went over and sat a seat over from Rage. ‘What do you all want to know?’

I was exhausted, but I was determined to stand. I’d have to choose whether to sit by Knox or Aaron. Right now though, I didn’t want the other reading into something more than it already was. The pink bean bag caught my eye, so I snagged it and carried it into the center of the wall underneath the TV.

‘So, tell us about this prison.’ Raven sat down in the open spot between Knox and Rage, but her eyes remained on me.

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