Cut Out by Bob Mayer

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Cut Out by Bob Mayer (The Green Berets #4)
English | 2019| Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.6 MB

Mayer’s Green Beret hero, Chief Warrant Officer Dave Riley, returns to take on the mob and corrupt government officials in a well-paced but didactic tale about the compromising of the Federal Witness Protection Program. When Philip Cobb, former mob money launderer and current government informer, is murdered just as he is about the enter the Program, his wife, after calling an emergency Program number only to be nearly gunned down herself, turns for help to her brother, who contacts his old girlfriend, Donna Giannini, now a Chicago cop. Giannini in turn asks her old pal Riley to keep Lisa alive while she finds out what went wrong. The rest of the narrative pits the warrior skills and state-of-the-art special-ops technology of Riley and his men against two groups of professional killers and the heinous federal officials behind one of them. While Riley’s high-tech gadgets are interesting, neither he, the rest of the characters nor the story line rises much above pulp level.

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