Daggers and Demons by Matthew Herrmann, Ramy Vance

 Daggers and Demons

Daggers and Demons: A Contemporary Urban Fantasy Novel (Better Demons Series Book 2) by Matthew Herrmann, Ramy Vance
English |2021| Fantasy| ePUB | 3.1 MB

When he’s not writing UF, Matthew is often researching and wrangling mythical creatures to showcase in his next story. When he’s not doing that, he’s probably trying not to kill himself on his mountain bike outside. He also bakes a mean biscotti.

When the gods left, they closed all their heavens and hells …
But they never took their dead.
Theo thought that saving Orion and ending Typhon would make her safer. Little did she know she was a pawn for something much bigger and someone far more sinister.
Humans have always been the pawns of gods …
In the Heart of Atlas, Theo fulfilled a destiny … just not her own. It turns out that even the gods have destinies. Nasty ones that don’t play well with human life.
A new kind of apocalypse has begun.
An apocalypse that’s not in any of the books. Theo, Simon and Garfunkel have one chance to stop this new kind of end … and almost no chance to survive it.


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