Dance of the Angels by Robert Morcet

 Dance of the Angels

Dance of the Angels by Robert Morcet (Anti-Crime Brigade #1)
English | 2015 |Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 7.6 MB

Former anti-gang police unit star Loïc Le Goënec has had a chip on his shoulder ever since he was mysteriously kicked off the force. But when detectives uncover a vile ring of sexual deviance with ties to a city official, the commissioner calls his brilliant but rough-edged protégé back into action.
With help from an assortment of petty criminals, romantic interests, and colorful misfits, the Anti-Crime Brigade must work outside the department to bring down the corrupt official and the despicable company he keeps. Can Le Goënec play both sides of the law to deliver vigilante justice to an exploited city?

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