Dancing With Devils by Scott M Webster

Dancing With Devils

Dancing With Devils by Scott M Webster
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 306 Kb

Dancing With Devils : Sebastian Blackwood’s birthdays will never be the same. He grew up to become a gifted, honourable detective, with a dark past hanging over him. His painful childhood was the stuff of nightmares and deep rooted anxieties still plague his mind, occasionally causing him to suffer from debilitating panic attacks.

A modern day monster reminds him of past beasts and when those worlds collide, there is no turning back. The clock is ticking, bodies are piling up and a trail of destruction corrupts Sebastian’s moral compass. What can the personal messages left at the crime scenes mean? The devil taunts him at every turn.Can he unravel the mystery and resist the temptation to take the law into his own hands?

“My anxiety hit an all-time high when Arianna left. I hated being without her. I get lost in my thoughts, and much like last night and the hundreds of nights beforehand, couldn’t sleep. When the Sandman makes me drift off, anxiety warps my dreams. I either dream of that fiery night, or I’m just standing in an empty room with no doors or windows. I call that my anxiety dream; where I feel like I’m that girl wrapped in flames. In the dream, the walls stretch and the louder I scream, the faster it happens until sound disappears and has nowhere to go because the room is so large; I become smaller and smaller and disappear into nothingness.

Arianna’s last words came to the forefront of my mind. Just a mere two months before, resonating:

“I can’t do it anymore. If you can’t trust me, Sebastian, you deserve to be alone.”

A harsh truth. She uttered those words to me as she walked out the door and told me she needed some space. Sixty miles away seemed like quite a lot of space. I wanted to chase her but the damage was done. She was right. I pushed her away.

The job gets tough sometimes, and whilst I could talk about certain cases here and there and offload and keep her close; this one particular case hit me hard. I seem to attract the worst people in the world because I was assigned the murder of a child born out of rape. By sheer coincidence, we shared the same name.”



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