Dangerous & Deadly: Nick Myers BoxSet (1-2) by Tanya R. Taylor


Dangerous & Deadly: The Nick Myers series Box Set by Tanya R. Taylor (#1-2)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 689 Kb

Dangerous : Nick Myers is an LAPD detective, FBI approved and every criminal’s worse nightmare. Having to tackle the most shocking cases imaginable, join him on two especially thrilling mysteries that are bound to leave you yearning for more long after you’ve read the final page. The first two books in the series are included in this boxed set

1. Hidden Sins Revealed
Someone knows something but isn’t saying anything – not until they’re backed into a corner fearing for their own life. Meanwhile, a psychotic mastermind is pleased with his sinister scheme as each of his hapless victims has played an unwilling role in the twisted puzzle of his existence. A puzzle, which if studied carefully, will reveal how he turned into the beast he has become. No one knew the hatred he harbored or what extent he could actually go to.

2. One Dead Politician
Detective Nick Myers of the Los Angeles Police Department is sent hundreds of miles away to impart his specialized training and modernized investigative techniques to the police force in a small Caribbean nation. He doesn’t imagine he’d find himself entangled in political rifts that will ultimately result in a prominent politician losing his life. Myers’ expertise as a top detective will be put to the test as he sets out to solve the mystery behind who would want Jackson Cunningham dead — a man he’d met and admired. What he discovers in the end will come as a complete surprise — not only to the citizens of that developing nation, but also to him as a seasoned investigator.

“Not the body, if that’s what you mean!” Victor replied. “I cut through the bags to see what was sprawled across my kitchen floor, and that’s all I did.”

Spotting two detectives who had just arrived on the scene, Davies excused himself and dashed outside to meet them. Andrews remained inside with Victor.

“You won’t believe what I saw in there, detectives,” Davies said, almost choking. “I never seen anything like it in my whole life.”

“You mustn’t have been around that long,” Lou Riley replied, unmoved. “How old are you anyway?”

“Twenty-five, sir.”

“Yeah. Figures,” Lou returned coolly.

Lou Riley was a short, middle-aged Italian with bushy brown eyebrows and a pointed, often shiny nose.

“We’ll handle it from here,” Nick Myers said. “Just show us what you found.” He looked up at the striking, white monstrosity in front of him. “Some house, huh?”

“Ahh… the rich get richer,” Lou sighed.

They followed Davies inside. The odor seeping from the house was dreadfully familiar to the detectives. As they proceeded toward the kitchen, Nick glanced at Victor Emerson who was sitting quietly in the living room noticeably deep in thought.”



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