Dangerous Magic by Evie Hart

Dangerous Magic

Dangerous Magic by Evie Hart (Haven Lake Cozy Mysteries #1)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 333 Kb

Dangerous Magic: It’s not every day you have to return to your hometown to bind your borderline-poltergeist grandmother to the family property.
Unfortunately, today is that day for Avery Thorn.

All Avery wants is to report the binding to the Witch Council so she can fulfil her obligation, but finding a dead body and the Head of the Council on the brink of death isn’t in her plan.
Especially when she’s pegged as the number one suspect.
Now, it’s down to Avery and her cousins—and her sassy feline familiar—to figure out who tried to murder the Head of the Council. Magically bound to find the culprit, the last thing she needs is the new detective getting under her toes.
Unfortunately for her, she finds herself colliding with the hot cop more than she wants. And since her familiar hates him, it’s not always pleasant.
New magic and a devastating tragedy threaten to derail their investigations—but not quite as much as the person who isn’t happy they’re involved…

“You cannot bind me to this property! I demand you release the spell immediately!”

I slammed the teaspoon onto the granite countertop and turned to glare at her. Most other people would have shrunk away from the infamous Thorn glare, but since she’d been the one to make it infamous—usually following it up with a nifty curse—it didn’t bother her at all.

“Absolutely not,” I said firmly. “You pulled me away from my life to come back to Haven Lake just because you can’t behave yourself. The Council ordered your binding, not me. If it were up to me, you’d be bugging Hayley Granger at her stupid shoe store right now.”

She folded her arms like an obstinate teenager and looked down at me over her slightly crooked nose. “Avery Thorn, I am your grandmother and you will do as I say. The Council be damned.”

“You watch your mouth, or Betty Lou Harper will be here binding you to more than just this property.”

Binding a ghost was the worst possible punishment for those in the afterlife, and it was usually reserved for poltergeists or dark spirits. It removed all their powers and, for the most part, their consciousness. It was the equivalent of dying all over again, except there was no way to return from it. It’d only happened to normal ghosts a handful of times.”



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