Dark Apocalypse by Brian McGoldrick


Dark Apocalypse by Brian McGoldrick
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 3.1 MB

The Earth did not end in nuclear fire. The Earth did not end in nuclear winter. The Earth did not end in an ice age. The Earth did not end in global warming. The Earth ended in Darkness. The Dark Web claimed the Earth. All the dead rose from their graves, and everyone the dead killed rose again. Humanity changed from the oppressors to the prey. In a single day, the modern world died. The nations of the Earth were overturned, and the world fell into chaos and violence.

The living dead were hungry, but they were not the real monsters. The real monsters were those humans who preyed on other humans, and those humans who became things other than human. Not everyone who was bitten by the living dead died; some became the Changed, mutants with more than human capabilities. Others chose to cast aside their humanity; they fed on the flesh of the living and became Ghouls. Whether the Changed or the Ghouls, they gathered the criminals, the violent, the bullies, and the abusers. They preyed upon the other survivors, the normal humans, killing the lucky and making slaves out of the unlucky.

When the Dark Apocalypse came, Walker Daniels was serving life in prison for the murders of his wife and some of the gang members that raped and murdered her. The only thing that had kept him from giving up and dying in prison was his undying hatred for the human race. He was a brutal, violent man, with only two men he considered his friends. In an attack by the newly risen dead, one of Walker’s friends died, but Walker survived. He did not become a Changed. He became something else. He Awakened. He gained the potential to evolve into something other than human. He became a monster, who would terrorize other monsters.

When Johnny Jackson, the last living human Walker considered a friend came to break him out of prison, Walker Daniels set out on a quest to hunt down and kill any and all survivors that might have been complicit in his wife’s death and his imprisonment. Anyone that got in the way of his vengeance would pay for it with their blood and their lives.

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