Dark Storm by Veronica Douglas, Linsey Hall

Dark Storm

Dark Storm by Veronica Douglas, Linsey Hall (Dragon’s Gift: The Storm Book 2)
English | 2021 |Fantasy| ePUB | 7 MB

I’ve been betrayed.
I spent years hiding my magic from the world, but now I’ve got new powers I can’t control. Everyone around me is at risk, and if my secret is revealed, I’ll be hunted.
But I don’t have time to worry about the monster I might become.
Someone has stolen a dangerous artifact that could turn my world upside down. It could get me and my friends killed and bring destruction down on my city.
Is Damien Malek to blame?
He’s a fallen angel. Handsome and lethal. A thief and a liar. And he’s betrayed me before. The heat between us keeps pulling us together, but his lies always tear us apart.
If I want answers, I will have to risk everything. My job. My magic. My life.
There’s a riddle to solve. An ancient city to find. A deadly genie to defeat, and a dark storm rising in the burning sands.


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