Dark Tomorrow by Reece Hirsch

Dark Tomorrow

Dark Tomorrow by Reece Hirsch (Lisa Tanchik Book 2)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.9 MB

FBI special agent and cybercrime specialist Lisa Tanchik faces a deadly threat in this white-knuckle thriller.
FBI special agent Lisa Tanchik is skilled at handling cyber threats, having recently taken down a Dark Web black market worth billions. But ruthless hacker NatalyaX always seems to be a step ahead.
The government calls on Tanchik’s expertise when an email attachment causes a fatal seizure at US Cyber Command. But before she can get her feet under her, the entire East Coast goes dark. A sinister plan is unfolding before her eyes—and no one knows who’s behind it.
Tanchik plunges into chaos to hunt down the true source of the attacks. Close dealings with shadowy figures both online and off expose her to extraordinary danger as the country teeters on the brink of catastrophe.
A soldier on the front line of a cyberwar, Tanchik must nullify the threat before it deals a death blow to America’s institutions—and puts millions of lives in jeopardy.

Traffic was light in the late evening, so DC’s national landmarks flashed past in rapid succession on Constitution Avenue: the Lincoln Memorial, the World War II Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Capitol. Under a fluorescent moon on a cold, cloudless January night, all that white marble looked downright funereal. Or maybe it just seemed that way because FBI special agent Lisa Tanchik was on her way to a crime scene.

As she drove north into Maryland with few cars on the highway, her thoughts replayed the day’s events, which had started with the class on cybercrime investigation that she had taught that morning at Quantico and concluded with a couple of bureaucratic skirmishes over her pursuit of a phishing ring. Today had been one of her dark days, when she watched life happening to her like a patient under anesthesia. Her depression was so constant a nemesis that she had given it a nickname, the Black Dog, a phrase borrowed from Winston Churchill. She imagined Black Dog curled in the passenger seat now, rising to sniff the air occasionally when the car jostled him.

She lifted her coffee from the cup holder and took a couple of strong sips. When she’d received the call to this scene, she’d been at her Dupont Circle home with her boyfriend, midway through her third glass of wine. Jon had questioned whether she was in any shape to take the call, but Lisa would not be dissuaded.

This was her first lead in months on a hacker whom she had been pursuing.

And now the hacker had graduated to murder.

On dark days like these, it helped to have a problem to work, so she thought about what she knew so far about the crime (next to nothing) and the likely perpetrator (quite a lot). She reviewed everything that she knew about the MO and characteristics of the hacker she had been pursuing for nearly a year. She wanted the details to be fresh in her mind when she reached the scene.

At 11:35 p.m., she parked in front of a faux-colonial apartment complex in Columbia, Maryland. Columbia was a bedroom community south of Baltimore and about thirteen miles from Fort Meade, the headquarters of the National Security Agency. A lucky break had brought her there. Lisa had issued a law enforcement alert for a very distinctive MO, and an officer with the Howard County Police Department had been diligent enough to read it and generous enough to alert her while the scene was still fresh.

Lisa downed the rest of her coffee, popped three breath mints, and stepped out of the car and into the cold.

The lights were all on in the apartment complex’s lobby. A young uniformed officer was questioning the manager. The officer looked up at the frigid blast of wind as Lisa pushed through the door.

“You’re FBI?” He sounded a little disappointed, like she didn’t live up to his expectation of what someone from the bureau should look like.

“Special Agent Lisa Tanchik. They’re expecting me.”

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