Das Kapital: A novel of love and money Markets by Viken Berberian

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Das Kapital: A novel of love and money Markets by Viken Berberian
English | 2019 | General Fiction/Classics | ePUB |1.3 MB

Moving seamlessly between the financial skyscrapers of New York and the crisp blue skies of Corsica and Marseille, “Das Kapital” is an extraordinary homage to Marx’s seminal work for the twenty-first century. Wayne is the emblematic Wall Street trader: opportunistic, brash and driven. His position is something of a rarity; he bets against the market’s rise, gambling vast quantities of money on the short sell and profiting hugely from the collapse of entire economies and cultures — in short, from the dissolution of financial and social infrastructure on a global scale — all from the remote comfort of his Gloomberg terminal.To accomplish this, Wayne enlists the aid of a cryptic Corsican whose own culture and identity are fast disappearing in the rise of a universal nationality — one whose common language is email and whose treasured artifacts are zipped into slick JPEGs, viewed only in thumbnail size. Unbeknownst to them, both men are involved with the same woman, an architecture student named Alix who lives in Marseille. But while she and the Corsican have a physical relationship, it is the playfully erotic and strangely elusive email correspondence between Alix and Wayne that evokes both passion and tenderness.


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