Dawn Caravan by Elizabeth Hunter

Dawn Caravan

Dawn Caravan by Elizabeth Hunter
English | 2020 | | Fantasy | Paranormal | ePUB | 2.7 MB

Elizabeth Hunter is a contemporary fantasy and romance author. She is a graduate of the University of Houston Honors College and a former English teacher. She is the author of the Elemental Mysteries and Elemental World series, the Irin Chronicles, the Cambio Springs Mysteries, and other works of fiction. Elemental Legacy is Spinoff series from Elemental World

Pulse-driving paranormal mystery from USA Today Bestseller, Elizabeth Hunter. After this night, dawn can’t come fast enough. For Ben Vecchio, everything has changed. His eyes. His diet. His new aversion to sunlight. But after a long sojourn in China, Ben realizes that the world he left behind hasn’t changed as much as he feared. He wants to leave his old life in the past, there’s one job remaining that just won’t leave him alone.

Radu’s mystery is too interesting—and too profitable—to ignore. The problem? Taking on this commission puts Ben in the path of his old partner, the one woman he’s spent years avoiding. Tenzin has been following Ben at a distance, hoping his ire might wane, but when he heads to Romania, her patience runs out. Ben is a new power in their world, and more than one vampire will be eager to test him.

Ben and Tenzin need to work together if they want to find the truth behind Radu, his mysterious clan, and the treasure at the heart of the Dawn Caravan. One last job, then it’s finished between them. Right?

A wood fire burned in the center of the courtyard, lighting the old stone house and the cobblestones that surrounded it, casting shadows on the brightly painted walls and throwing sparks into the cold night air. From the recessed loggia surrounding the central courtyard, vampires and humans lounged in the shadows. Some were feeding. Some were playing games of chance or discussing business matters.

Kashgar lived in the no-man’s-land between the iron rule of the Eight Immortals of Penglai Island in the east and the authority of Arosh the Fire King in the west. It attracted those who wanted to remain anonymous and those looking to escape immortal authority.

Ben Vecchio was both.

That night he wasn’t paying attention to the fire or the vampires around it. From his corner in the old house in Kashgar, he watched the woman on the far side of the courtyard.

Watched her as she watched him.

She could have been European or Central Asian. Her looks were ambiguous. Her eyes were large and dark. A crown of wild black curls surrounded a typically pale vampire face.

She clearly had some kind of status because behind her stood a guard who watched the courtyard with restless eyes. His hair was light brown and clipped short. He wore a plain black shirt and black pants. His height was average. His looks were average. Nothing about him stood out, but Ben’s sharp gaze noticed every detail.

“Your tea, sir.” A server set a pot in front of him, a glass vessel resting over a single flame. Saffron floated on the surface, its red petals bleeding gold into the simmering water.

The woman’s lips were full and red, and she watched him from afar with unveiled interest. Ben suspected she’d fed recently based on the flush in her pale cheeks and her lip color.

Thinking about the woman feeding made his empty stomach twinge. He poured a glass of tea and concentrated on pushing the feeling down. He was two years immortal, and blood-hunger pangs could still drive him to distraction. It was his greatest weakness and his greatest challenge. Vampire hunger wasn’t comparable to human hunger—or at least no hunger he’d known as a mortal. It was urgent and all consuming.


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