DCI Thatcher Yorkshire Crime Box Set (1-3) by Oliver Davies

DCI Thatcher Yorkshire Crime Box Set (1-3)

DCI Thatcher Yorkshire Crime Thrillers Box Set by Oliver Davies (#1-3)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 6.6 MB

Check out books 1 through 3 of the DCI Thatcher Yorkshire Crime Thrillers!

1. Unusual Remains
Bonfire Night in the Yorkshire countryside is a time of gathering, fires, and celebration, but on this particular night, it also means murder. When DCI Max Thatcher and his new DS Isaac Mills are called in to investigate, they discover that there is a plethora of suspects and precious little evidence. But when the determined pair start digging into the unusual remains, they will discover not only a trail to the truth, but a pathway right into danger.

2. Blood Ties
On the surface, a simple theft is too small a thing to call in DCI Thatcher and DS Mills on, but when it is a painting owned by a prestigious local lord, the pressure is on to resolve the matter with all due haste and discretion. If only the matter were so simple. Because when Thatcher and Mills start to dig deeper, they discover that this is no simple theft, but a crime forged on the ties of blood.

3. Dangerous Relics
There’s a reason why Thatcher doesn’t enjoy his days off, something always seems to go wrong. So, when Mills calls him in about an apparent suicide, Thatcher knows there must be something more to it. Little do either of them suspect that what lies beneath is a tale of theft, lies, and manipulation that all comes down to the trail of an artefact that people will murder over.


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