De Leon’s Ring by Eliza McCullen (ePUB)(MOBI)

De Leon’s Ring by Eliza McCullen

English | 2018 | Mystery/Thriller | Series: N/A | 665 KB

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Unearthing long buried secrets of terror and politics in Central America leads to dangerous consequences…

Maya archeologist, Ana Chan, seeking to excavate mysteries of her ancestors in the rugged mountainous highlands of Guatemala. Instead she uncovers a mass grave. Danny Martinez, a ladino who rejects his elite upbringing, works in the highlands with the rural poor to boost food production. Ana and Danny are drawn inexorably to each other despite the huge social gulf that separates them.

Then Ana discovers a ring in the grave and someone seeks to make her disappear…permanently. She is forced into exile, crossing over the border into Mexico. Danny fears the worst until he chances upon her in the United States three years later.

Was it fate that led him to her? For it is only by working together that they can uncover a deadly secret buried since the war and keep them both safe.