Dead America – Portland Pt. 3 by Derek Slaton

 Dead America

Dead America – Portland Pt. 3 by Derek Slaton (Dead America – The Third Week Book 5)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.6 MB

Dead America: The Third Week introduces new survivors and locations in addition to revisiting some familiar ones as people all across the country fight for their survival against the growing armies of the undead.

When a desperate call for help comes in, Zion and Calvin venture far to the east to hep settle a deadly dispute.

They continued up the road a bit father before seeing the curve ahead. Just around the bend was their hiding spot, a long drainage tunnel that would provide them cover and lead them back to their truck.

“What do you say we pick up the pace?” Zion asked, glancing over his shoulder at the zombie horde.

Calvin nodded and they took off running, making sure they were out of sight from the zombies around the corner before rushing off of the road. They threw open the metal gate at the tunnel and got inside, shutting it silently behind them. They stood in the musty water, listening for their followers.

The footsteps and moans got louder, and then the front edge of the zombie parade came into view on the roadway.

“Come on,” Zion muttered under his breath, “you know we’re still out there. Just keep moving.”

Thankfully, the corpses didn’t break stride, continuing up the interstate, leading their friends along with them.

The men in the tunnel breathed a sigh of relief.

Zion playfully patted his friend on the chest. “What do you say there, bud?” he asked. “You ready to head back?”

“Fuck yeah, man,” Calvin replied, raising his palms above his head. “The less time we spend in here, the better.”

As they started to walk, his friend raised an eyebrow. “Don’t tell me you’re still scared of this place?”

“Still have nightmares about that wall of zombies our first time through,” Calvin admitted, wrinkling his nose.

“Well, that’s why we’re doing it this way from here on out,” Zion assured him. “We run the risk of losing some of the pack on the road, but if it keeps you from panicking then it’s worth it.”

“Come on man, I didn’t panic,” his shorter friend whined. “Might have pissed myself a little, but I didn’t panic.”

Zion laughed as they continued down the long path. As they passed all of the side tunnels, they reached out to make sure that the rigid metal fencing they’d installed was still secure and untouched. Calvin hesitated at each one, checking doubly sure to make sure there was nothing that could grab him through the bars.

“Oh come on now, nothing is gonna get you,” Zion said as he noticed his partner was lagging behind. “Even if they do reach out and grab you, they ain’t gonna have enough time to pull you over and eat you.”

“Yeah… you’re right,” Calvin admitted, though he didn’t sound convinced. He still didn’t pick up the pace, but Zion was okay to slow down. He gave his friends a hard time, but he knew that not everyone was as hardened as he was to the scary shit that could happen to them out here.

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