Dead and Disorderly by Kris Pearson

Dead and Disorderly

Dead and Disorderly: Cats and dogs, diamonds and dangerby Kris Pearson
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.9 MB

I write sexy contemporary romance and now cozy mysteries as well. Those are funny and flirty and absolutely clean. (Well – apart from the bloodstains!) I’m the author of seventeen novels, three of which were finalists in New Zealand’s Clendon Award. Each can be read as a stand-alone, but some make up linked series. I hope you enjoy them all.

Hi – I’m Merry Summerfield, law-abiding book editor, pet-minder, and unintentional sleuth. When I find Matthew Boatman’s door swinging open I slink into his dark and cat-infested house to make sure he isn’t sick. To my horror he’s so sick, he’s dead.
The shiny silver arrow in his back is beautifully tidy compared to half a lifetime’s high-piled hoarding. OMG – the mess! Honestly, who could live like this? Someone needs to call the cops – and that’s me. Again. Detective Bruce Carver is far from impressed, and doesn’t approve of my plan to feed all the cats so I can hang around while the house is being emptied out.
I’m watching my back – no arrows please – and keeping my eyes open and my ears flapping as I dish out the kibble, but old Matthew was a diamond hunter in days gone by. Does he have a million-dollar stash of gems hidden here? Is this why he was shot? And has reporting the crime put me in danger?

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