Dead Man’s Swamp by E.M. Chaffin

Dead Man's Swamp

Dead Man’s Swamp by E.M. Chaffin
English |2021 | Children/Young Adult| ePUB | 3.0 MB

The woods. The legends. The murders. She wanted the truth, and it cost her everything.

Eleanora Flynn doesn’t believe the legends of Dead Man’s Swamp. She believes the woods are a sanctuary and not a threat, until her father is found beheaded in the woods and her world turns upside down. When she receives a clue from a crow at her bedroom window, she sets out to find the truth behind the murder – but it requires more than she’s prepared to give.

Eleanora returns to Dead Man’s Swamp fourteen years later, burdened by a secret that has haunted her all those years. She tries to make things right again, but time is running out, everything she believes is challenged, and everything precious is at stake. Can she discern the truth from the lies before all hell breaks loose?

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