Dead Storm by Nicholas Ryan

Dead Storm

Dead Storm: The Global Zombie Apocalypse by Nicholas Ryan
English | 2019 |Sci/Fi| ePUB | 603 Kb

Dead Storm: Dead Storm is a classic techno-thriller in every sense of the word – a pulse-pounding military epic that not only pits nation against nation… it thrusts the entire world into a desperate battle for survival – against bloodthirsty zombies!
Welcome to the latest blockbuster novel by Nicholas Ryan. ‘Dead Storm – the Global Zombie Apocalypse’ is a book like few others in the genre. It’s a vast, global novel with techno-thriller detail and intense battle scenes on land, and on the high seas.
The book is crammed full of epic action, and every sequence oozes gripping authenticity.
Ryan’s chilling plot reads like it has been torn straight from the headlines, beginning with a conflict on the Korean Peninsula and a desperate biological weapon attack.
At well over 220,000 words, the blockbuster is comprehensive and compelling – aimed at fans of the genre who have been searching for a vast global view of the apocalypse.

“The silence in the room seemed almost painful, humming with strained tension. The Minister felt an icy trickle of sweat run down his spine. At last the young man looked up and stared at the Minister for Defense.

The young man had a round, unremarkable face, the defining lines of his features blurred beneath indulgent flesh. He wore his dark hair in a close crop. He was wearing a steel grey Mao jacket, buttoned to the neck. His gaze flicked across the Minister’s face, and then the corners of the man’s mouth slowly turned down in an attitude of petulant contempt.

“Yes?” Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader of North Korea, asked. His voice sounded surprisingly thin and reedy.

The Minister for Defense bowed deeply. A rash of sweat suddenly broke out across his brow. He straightened and focused his gaze a little to the left so as not to look the country’s dictator in the eyes.”

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