Dead To You by Heather Wynter

Dead To You

Dead To You by Heather Wynter
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.7 MB

After three years of trying to find the killer of her husband, Dana Lange refuses to give up. New information puts Dana, and her troubled private investigator Sean Callahan, in the middle of a revolution in Ecuador. Together they become embroiled in international intrigue and murder, sending them on a wild adventure through the streets of Quito, already torn apart by violent revolution. The closer Dana and Sean get to solving the murder the more their fates are increasingly endangered. Will courage and love prevail over corruption and murder? It’s a white-knuckle chase through culture, politics, and personal development as two people strive to be their best.

Morrison shrugged. “Actually, Daniel Spolter is his name … I’ll look into it, but I don’t think he’ll lead you anywhere.”

“And why is that?” Sean snapped.

Morrison leaned forward, his big, round body straining the chair beneath him. “Because we’re undermanned and overworked as it is, pal. You don’t need me to tell you how things are. Your Husband’s death was, what, three years ago? That’s a cold case, and we’ve got actual living people to protect and serve here. Second, if you two are right about the guy—”

“I saw it happen,” Greer said. “It’s the same man, same scar.”

“All right then,” Morrison said. “There you go—justice has been served. Go back to Colorado or wherever and forget about New York.” Reading Greer’s shocked, indignant expression, he went on, “He’s dead, and your husband’s been avenged. Be happy.”

“But we have every reason to think there are other people involved,” she said.

“All the more reason to drop it,” Morrison answered. “If there are others involved, then they’re bad people, and you don’t want them to involve themselves with you. Look what they did to your husband.”

“Then think of what they could be doing to other people,” Sean said, “the living people you’re sworn to serve and protect.”

“Don’t get snippy with me,” Morrison said. “I don’t need some private dick coming here and telling me how to do my job. So unless you two would like to spend some time behind bars while I work out manslaughter charges—”

“Manslaughter?” Greer asked.

“Your friend here threw the kid in front of the bus … to impress you … for obvious reasons.”

Greer looked him up and down, disgust rising hot in her blood. “What kind of cop are you?”

“You don’t wanna know, lady.”

A mean silence passed while Greer and Morrison stared each other down. Sean finally said, “All right, Greer, let’s get outta here.”

“But Sean, I—”

“Let’s not waste any more of the detective’s time.” Sean held her gaze, a tense silence between them. She realized that if a man as contentious and ready to fight as Sean was backing down, then backing down might be the right thing to do. And getting smashed in the face in a blind alley was a good reminder that she was getting too ready to charge into territory she didn’t entirely understand, and how dangerous that practice could be.

“Okay, all right,” Greer said, standing up from the little chair. Sean did the same. The detective didn’t even bother standing up. “Thanks for your time and trouble,” she added.

Morrison nodded. “Enjoy the rest of your stay in New York.”

Greer walked with Sean out onto the streets of the lower east side. Cars rolled by, and pedestrians walked past them in both directions, oblivious to their surroundings. Nobody cares, she thought. Not about anything or anyone.

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