Deadly Cabal by Trevor Scott

Deadly Cabal

Deadly Cabal by Trevor Scott (A Jake Adams International Espionage Thriller Series Book 18)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.7 MB

Trevor Scott is the best selling author of more than forty-five mystery/thriller novels in the Jake Adams International Espionage Thriller Series, the Karl Adams Series, and his new Max Kane Series. He has a master’s in creative writing from Northern Michigan University, and a bachelor’s in writing from the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

Jake and Sirena are currently hiding out in Kotor, Montenegro, when their billionaire benefactor hires them to look into corruption surrounding this normally sedate seaside country on the Adriatic. Car bombings and gang shootings have become commonplace and extremely disturbing for the government of Montenegro. For some reason the Montenegrin police and intelligence community can’t seem to get a handle on the violence. So far, most of the deaths have involved rival gang killings. But the tourist trade, a significant percentage of the economy, could take a huge hit if the violence continues. Jake doesn’t have to look too hard to discover the problem, but he’s not sure how much he can impact the outcome. Together, they discover a conspiracy that could lead to the highest levels of government. And the problem seems to be spread all across the Balkan region along the Adriatic coast. Can Jake and Sirena survive the deadly cabal? Or will this be their last mission?

The rains of December had pounded this normally quaint tourist port city relentlessly over the past few days, making Darko Vučinić wish he’d worn rubber shoes instead of his black tennis shoes, which now sat under water nearly to his ankles.

It was late evening. The cruise ship had left port long ago, abandoning the city in a gloomy funk for locals who had put on their best show for the tourists. Darko knew that not everyone cared about the tourist trade. This was especially true of the criminal element, who saw pesky outsiders as mere impediments to their enterprises.

Darko lit another cigarette as he stood under a stone arch in the old town, doing his best to keep dry. But his efforts, he knew, would only be temporary. Eventually he would be forced to move out into the street to meet with his contacts. With his blue jeans and leather coat, he could have passed for a bartender out for a smoke. He rubbed the sparse hairs on his face, from the moustache to the narrow hairs across his strong chin. He had let the hair on his head grow out recently, and it hung down the front of his face, partially obscuring his dark eyebrows. Most would consider him handsome, he guessed, yet he was still not seeing anyone currently—a drastic result of his current position in life. And his cigarette smoking was mostly a nervous habit.

“They’re late,” came a voice over his comm in his right ear.

“Shocking,” Darko said. “Criminals who aren’t on time. I’ll post that online.”

“Are you sure they’re coming?”

He was pretty sure. Darko had worked for the past week to ingratiate himself into the local criminal element. There had been rumors that the group worked out of a bar in the old town of Kotor. At least the local faction. But Darko was beginning to believe that these people were only the tip of the iceberg. He guessed they worked all the way to the capital of Podgorica and to the greater Balkan region along the Adriatic. The car bombings in Montenegro had become far too common. Luckily most had not resulted in a huge loss of life. But they would eventually impact the tourist industry, which was the fastest growing sector of their economy. Darko had been charged with taking down these criminals.

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