Deadson Confidential by N.P. Martin

Deadson Confidential

Deadson Confidential by N.P. Martin (Deadson Confidential #1)
English | 2021| Fantasy |ePUB| 7 MB

In a world of darkness, the truth will set you free…or get you killed.

Damion Deadson was once a respected newspaper journalist before his sister went missing and his life went to hell. Saved by a demon succubus, Damion now runs Deadson Confidential, a website dedicated to exposing the city’s dark supernatural underbelly.

But with exposure comes danger. An investigation into a demon serial killer has led Damion to a notorious tech billionaire who now wants him dead at any cost, and will stop at nothing until Damion and the secrets he holds are buried forever.

While trying to stay alive, Damion also uncovers new information about his sister’s disappearance, and what he learns will lead him down a dark and dangerous path to a murderous cult and the secret players who rule the world. Dark forces are closing in on Damion, and if he is to survive he must use every ounce of wit and courage he has.

Damion always knew the rabbit hole went deep. Now he’s about to find out just how deep as he goes tumbling down it…straight to hell.

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